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"Breast Cancer is year round, not just in October!"


Beyond Breast Cancer 

 As a survivor, the side effects of breast cancer treatments are very frustrating but most are manageable.  

Some of the side effects and ways we help with copay assistance and donations include:

  • Lymphedema - Lymphatic drain & massage techniques through a therapist 
  • Neuropathy - Compression gloves & sleeves (new & gently used distributed Free)
  • Mastectomy- Breast forms/prosthesis, bras and other undergarments (new & used distributed free)

Our Mission:

We accept new and gently used compression garments such as bras, sleeves, gloves, and other prosthetics (bra forms) to refurbish and redistribute them FREE to Survivors in need with the proceeds from the Tshirts we sell.

We want to help women with little or no insurance get the supplies they need to recover for FREE! A little prosthetic goes a long way to help a woman look and feel great!

For more information and brochures on side effects, survivorship and more, click here for our partner sites.